This is not Farewell, it’s a New Beginning!

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What a Privilege It is to Be Trusted So Deeply!

Dec. 9, 2009
Dear Patients & Friends:

To begin, I would like to thank you for the trust you have given me over the years as your primary care physician. Taking care of you and your family has been a great privilege for my staff and I. Your wellness and health are priorities for us. After 12 years in practice, I am writing to inform you that I will be taking a leave of absence, a sabbatical from the active practice of primary care medicine on Dec. 2, 2009. I would like you to get established and introduced to the Susan Samueli Center. You can visit their website at: Please also keep updated with me as I go on a Journey of Healer “Heal Thy Self”, and for fun and education, I invite you to follow me at “DoctorRobin” on Twitter and Facebook if you like. (Although, I cannot answer medical questions over these venues please.)

I feel very fortunate that I can refer you to the Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine for your continuing healthcare during my hiatus, and I am excited about the future potential opportunities there. I had been participating on their Clinical Advisory Board for several years. The clinic is beautifully designed and I know you will enjoy its peaceful ambiance and feel at home there. You are going to be in the best of hands! To make an appointment with them, please call 714-424-9001.

If you get sick or have the flu or more urgent matters, please go to your nearest Urgent Care or call 911 if necessary.

Thank you for having chosen me as your physician. It has been my pleasure and honor to serve you. I wish you continued health and wellness. I see good changes on the horizon!

Update! In 2018, I may be doing my occasional talks “Rap with Dr. Robin” via a podcast. Stay tuned.